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We write about Digital Accessibility. This includes topics related accessibility news, accessibility events, accessibility techniques, reviews of websites and applications, tips related to accessibility and in simple words all possible things about digital accessibility.

Knowledge Base

There is a first level heading but screen reader is reading as second level heading.

Check if <aria-label=”2″> is used with heading role.

Designed as a button but actually a link?

Do you wish that a link looks like a button but expose as link to screen reader users? Add <role="link"> to button element.

Use of ARIA is a requirement?

No. ARIA should be used when something cannot be achieved using semantics. Here is a great read about No ARIA is better than using bad ARIA

If search form does not have a “search” button, is it a violation of WCAG?

It’s not really a violation as long as there is a hint for users stating “pressing enter will search” and works well on responsive layout. Meaning the keyboard on touch device should trigger “go” button.

Is adding <lang> to one of the pages is enought?

As per Success Criterion 3.1.1 of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, it’s essential to have language defined to the document. We have got a question that “Is defining <lang> to one of the pages on a website is sufficient or it has to be defined on all pages?”

Answer is Yes, we need to define on all of the pages. If there is a common <header> for all the pages, that takes care of.

Web Accessibility – a myth

The availability of the Web is not another idea. The Web Accessibility Initiative was launched in 1997, but 20 years later, it is a largely ignored and unfulfilled part of the advancement of the Web. There are deep-seated confusions about availability that prevent individuals from trying to join incorporate accessibility in their sites. Let us take a tour of it. Ask any queries you have. We will revert back you asap.

Are layout tables bad?

If <role="presentation> is added layout tables does not do any harm. It’s good to use <table> mark-up for layout purpose, if use case is just on a particular page; but to control layout on cross pages, use of CSS is recommended.