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Recap: Bangalore Accessibility Meet-up – September, 2016

This time it was just a lite meet-up with about 10 people. Though number was small, folks were energetic and enthusiastic. A quick summary of the event:

  • Round of introductions – great to see new faces – people from Intuit, Bang The Table, AAMI, Visaetc
  • Arjun of Bang the table talked about what they do, how BTT built passion towards accessibility, their learnings etc., Thank you guys, you are all doing a fabulous work!
  • Srinivasu, as always, provided a quick update on what’s happening in accessibility from highlighting Accessibility Summit (virtual event) that took place early in September; slide deck is embedded below
  • Vikram from AAMI explained about their wearable product that would help people with blindness to have access to print material. It’s a tiny device that enable user to scan printed material and read aloud. Visit their website or connect with them for more details. Thanks Vikram for coming and all the best
  • Then room was open open for networking

Once again sincere thanks to Clifford Joseph and his team at Bang The Table for hosting this event. Way to go!

Announcing Bangalore Accessibility Meetup for September, 2016 – a bit unique this time


24th September, 2016 at 14:30 Hrs to 16:30 Hrs (IST)

613, 2nd & 3rd floor, 12th Main Road, Indiranagar, HAL 2nd stage, Bangalore – 560038
Landmark: Above Watch World (Same lane of State Bank of India).

Sincere thanks to the team of Bang The Table for histing September 2016’s Bangalore Accessibility Meetup.

This time, I would want to do this meetup in a bit different way. Usually, we gather and discuss about what are the latest in accessibility space and ideas to raise awareness about accessibility. This time, let’s actually do an activity to raise awareness. If you are a product company such as a taxi service, e-commerce store, ticket seller, bank, entertainment portal, library or anything that serves consumers; drop in; we will help you experience how your product works for people with disabilities, elderly and how it works (or it doesn’t work) from accessibility prospective. We can only accommodate 15 companies this time; so do hurry up and fill in the Product Company Registration Form below.

If you are an end user and would want to invite a product company for this event, do please send Company name, Website, Contact Person, Phone number and email address to info (at) sgaccessibility (dot) com.

If you would like to join the meetup, Please block your ticket below:

Looking forward to an exciting event; Once again, big thanks to team of Bang The Table! Much appreciated.

Recap of Bangalore Accessibility Meetup – August, 2016

After a long time, Bangalore Accessibility Meetup got resumed and held on 27th August, 2016 at the office of Prakat Solutions. Thank you Team Prakat for hosting.

It was attended by nearly about 20 accessibility enthusiasts, who works at different companies like IBM, Wipro, Cognizant, Dell etc., Here is a quick summary.

This session was meant to know each other, share what’s happening in the accessibility field and a few ideas as to what we collectively can do. Event kicked off with round of introductions followed by welcome note from Anu Biswas, Founder of Prakat. It’s fantastic to see the passion in Team Prakat towards accessibility.

Then a quick presentation was made to share update in the area of digital accessibility by Srinivasu Chakravarthula, Lead Accessibility at Informatica. Click below to view slides. I wish, I could post the full text, unfortunately due to sad demise of my grand father on the same day evening, I am unable to write full text.

That was an interactive discussion and lead to a tea break!

After the break, floor was open for discussion on what are the challenges that each one of us face or if we had a solution for a specific problem and what we can do in next few months to keep the momentum grow. It was agreed that in one of the sessions, we should invite a few product companies and showcase how their products are doing from accessibility prospective. More details to follow.

Again, thanks everyone for joining; let’s keep this momentum going.


Resuming Bangalore Accessibility Meetups

Greetings on the eve of India’s 70th Independence Day.

It’s almost 2 years that we, accessibility enthusiasts in Bangalore, could not meet each other. It was due to that I was relocated to Hyderabad in 2014 (recently moved back), then busy with family as we were blessed with a baby boy about two weeks ago! but I wish momentum could have continued. Nevertheless, I’m pleased to announce that we are resuming accessibility meetups in Bangalore and Thanks to Mrs. Anu Biswas and her team at Prakat Solutions, who are willing to host meet up for the month of August.

About Bangalore Accessibility Meetup
This will be a platform to discuss about state of digital accessibility, learn and share things about digital accessibility including WCAG, ARIA, Mobile accessibility, assistive technology bugs, etc., We intend to meet once a month. Going forward, objective would be to agree on a task and make it happen before the next meet up.

Since we are meeting after a long time, let’s make this session as an (Re) Introductory and Planning Meetup. Agenda for this meet up will be:

  • Knowing each other
  • What’s new in the area of accessibility
  • What we can do in next three months

When? 27th August, 2016
Where? Prakat Solutions (Address will be on the registration ticket).

Who should attend?
Anyone who has interest in the area of digital accessibility, Technology startups, web developers, Application and Software testers, decision makers.

So looking forward to meeting many of you; if you can’t make it to attend, please be sure to spread the word.

Please use below form to sign-up. Last date for registration is 25th August, 2016.

Accessibility Meet-up August 2013 – Summary

Today was a mess. I was on my way to the August month’s Bangalore Accessibility Meet up and our car got stuck on the way and we had to spend a tremendous amount of time to reach out to service centre and so on, and I was delayed for the meet up. however, it was great to see those who attended the meet up interacted themselves and interacted with the students of NAB Karnataka. Here is the summary of what we have discussed:

  • Techshare India 2014 – explained the team about the event and its impact. We are planning to submit a few abstracts on some interesting topics! We will announce them only when if they get selected.
  • As per request from NAB Karnataka, some of us would be working on re-structuring their curriculum for their Computer training Unit with partnership of a few other organizations
  • Another exciting topic related to training got discussed and stay tuned for some exciting announcements in next few weeks
  • We will be creating a forum to keep track of our discussions. If you would like to be part of the request, please do send a request to info(at)sgaccessibility(dot)com

Jitendra Vyas: Sorry that there was no one at the venue when you arrived; but we surely look forward to meeting you next time.

Next meet up will be on 28th September, 2013.

Bangalore Accessibility Meet-up July 2013 – a Thank you note!

Inspired by Ted Drake of Intuit, who initiated and hosted Bangalore Accessibility Dinner back in May, 2013, I thought, we should continue the momentum. Thanks to the The National Association for the Blind, Karntaka Branch for their support with venue and logistics which helped us to organize 2nd Bangalore Accessibility Meet up on 27th July 2013. It was good to see about 15 folks joined us from around the city and it was more encouraging to see new participants from companies like Bang the Table and so on!

We had no agenda for this meet up and the objective was to share news about accessibility and what’s happening around the world. Group was excited about HTML 5 Tour being organized by W3C India.

Also, we have made a note to have a look at the final draft of WCAG2ICT document and the group was agreed to read the documents and send in comments if any.

In midst of our discussion, there was one question about how we can create awareness about Accessibility to Government departments and encourage them to implement Web Guidelines for Indian Government Websites and that gave us a plan to pick a few departments and each one of start reaching out to see what we can do in next three months time. Some of the departments we have picked including Income Tax Department, IRCTC, LIC, Bangalore One, etc., Guys, let’s strive our best to achieve our goal!

Thank you all who were able to join us and looking forward to seeing you all in next meet up. Spread the word!

We have decided to meet every last Saturday of the month, so the next meet up will be on 24th August, 2013. Please RSVP on Bangalore Accessibility Meet up August 2013 event page on Facebook

Twitter: @CSrinivasu