Accessibility Tips

These days, almost every day, we will end up receiving an email about a promotional offer but quite often they are image based. If you are a user with vision impairment, you cannot read that email with a screen reader. If you are viewing that email on a mobile device, often, images does not get… Continue Reading Short note: Why it’s important for promotional emails to be accessible and not text embedded into an image?

This is Part 2 of 4 parts on how a developer should get their website or application tested for accessibility. Objective of this series is to provide easy method of accessibility testing to developers so that they can test as they code. This is how we would achive accessibility right at the development and design… Continue Reading Tips for developers: Get your website teted for accessibility – Part 2 – Operable

In 2013, posted about Accessibility options and Browser Accessibility options and still I see concept of including accessibility is still exist in the minds of web authors. So wanted to reiterate as to why we do not recommend accessibility options embed on to the website. I still agree that having such options like Increase Font… Continue Reading Should websites include Accessibility Options? May be and may be not…