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Talking OxiMeter is now available in India

Due to unprecedented Carona Virus (COVID-19) situation, one of the gadgets that one should have is an OxiMeter to track oxygen levels. Are those OxiMeters available in the market accessible to people with vision impairment? Not really, then how would they be able to monitor their oxygen levels independently?

Good news! Saketek Foundation has just launched Talking Pulse OxiMeter available at INR 2,800/-. By the way, SakTek, a few months back launched their market place to deliver assistive technologies to dorr step of people with disabilities (mostly for people with vision impairment though).

About Talking Pulse Oximeter

Portable pulse oximeter

This pulse oximeter is a special product, that can measure your blood oxygen saturation(% SpO2) and your pulse rate. It can indicate the measurement readings by electronic real person voice, which is more convenient for people who have a vision problem. If you have good eyesight, it will benefit eye protection. Thoughtful functions & Simple operationThe operation of this oximeter is simple. There will be a beep when the measured data displays on the screen. The pulse oximeter will speak out the current measured value when long-pressing the Power Switch.Low power consumption. When no signal or low signal is detected, the pulse oximeter will power off automatically in 8 seconds. The pulse oximeter will beep three times when the low power indicator appears.

Appreciate great efforts by SakTek for bringing accessible solutions to people with vision impairment. Stay safe!

Upcoming live talk: Career in the area of Accessibility – getting started!

While whole world is experiencing unprecedented situation, it has also grown the use of technology to a great extent specially in the area of education. All learnings are now gone digital. Even schools are sending pre-recorded videos for primary class children; live virtual classes are being organiszed for grown-up children. Several training programs and events have been moved to virtual place.

This is in a way great thing for people with disabilities especially those with vision impairment. There are increased conversations to ensure digital platforms are accessible.

Not just education, but technology is playing a role in every industry including health care, banking, industrial, rehabilitation agencies and almost everywhere. This hopefully increases employment opportunities in the area of accessibility.

I have been working in the area of accessibility for 16+ years and learnt a lot of things (still learning) from many experts! I will be hosting a live talk on how to get started in the area of accessibility as a career on 11th July, 2020 at 15:00 Hrs IST (3:00pm IST). This talk will be live on YouTube.

Please leave a comment on this post if you have a question that you would want me to talk about. There will be an opportunity where questions may be asked during live session.

See you next week.