2016 Year in Review

Though it was a year with mixed feelings for me personally, from accessibility prospective, it was a fabulous year. A quick recap of 2016: In January, I have presented to members of Accessibility in India Community Group of W3C on Creating Accessible Forms In March, attended Techshare India 2016 and had an opportunity to speak along with Glenda Sims In March, WordPress went WCAG compliant In April, I have written accessibility review of SBI and HDFC Net banking May - we can count this month to mark Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Wrote a few posts to celebrate this occasion and spread awareness. Read posts written in May 2016 In June, W3C has elected new advisory board, NVDA 2016.2 got released, wrote a review about accessibility of Jobs for People with…
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Digital Accessibility – what Non-profit, Corporate and Education sector can do?

Presentations, Web Accessibility
This is a presentation I have made at a panel discussion held on 19th December, 2016 at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Slides [slideshare id=70252661&doc=eb004d50-b1c4-41fa-b4e8-fd4418964371-161219014111] Full Text Thank you for having me here. Good to see many of my old friends! Firstly, let's celebrate the passage of The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill; although it's not very perfect bill, I'm hopeful, with all of our collective efforts, India will be better than before; there are plenty of opportunities that we can work with. While I'm not so happy that bill does not talk about equal opportunities for education in private sector school and few such things, I'm happy that this bill has included Accessibility and mostly in line with The UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Let's…
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Twitter Campaign to support #PasstheRPDBill

Accessibility News
Thanks to NCPEDP and Mr. Javed Abidi for putting this together. It's important that The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill gets passed soon to make lives of people with disabilities more independent and make India more inclusive. Here are the details: Please join the Twitter Campaign on Monday, 12th December from 3 to 6 pm for the passage of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill (RPWD Bill) Here's what you need to do - 1. Get online on Twitter on Monday, 12th December from 3 to 6 pm. The idea is to tweet about the Bill widely and make #PassRPWDBill trend. Whenever anything trends on Twitter, the media automatically picks it up. 2. A few tweets have been created already (given below). Use these or create your own.…
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