Keen to build a career in the area of Accessibility… where to start and how to grow?

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I think it's people who encourage me to write a few posts and this time a former colleague from HCL Technologies. He is a visual designer and his question to me via Twitter is: Hello Srinivasu, How's work at Deque Systems? I'm a visual designer and wants to specialize in Accessibility. Your guidance is appreciated on where to start. Thought writing a post would not only helps this friend but may be of help to many. Accessibility is an unique and respectable profession in industry. Uniqueness of Accessibility career is that it's not only fulfill responsibility of a professional duty but also creates social impact. Here are a few pre-requisites to make career in the area of accessibility. Passion Patience - growth in accessibility career or business would certainly take…
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International White Cane Day – 15th October

A white cane is used by many people who are blind. It helps as a mobility tool and comes in different varieties such as a long cane, foldable cane. 75% of the cane is painted with white and 25% is painted with Red colour. 15th October is marked as White Cane Safety Day. This observation has started in the year 1963 by the United States of America and then recognized in several countries. Objective of this day is to raise awareness on mobility and independent living of people with blindness. History of White Cane Blind people have used canes as mobility tools for centuries,[3] but it was not until after World War I that the white cane was introduced. In 1921 James Biggs, a photographer from Bristol who became blind…
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Accessible India Campaign, ATAG 2.0 and more… 2nd October, 2015 – Accessibility Round-up

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Mukesh Jain, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment talks about Accessible India Campaign (video) Near by Explore app by American Printing House for the Blind is now available to all users around the world android:importantForAccessibility Accessibility towards more inclusive web with Microsoft Edge and Windows 10 How your word press theme can be made accessible? Making Selected button states clear for color blind users VoiceOver iOS HTML 4, HTML 5 and WAI-ARIA support
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