7th August, 2015 – Weekly Accessibility round-up

Accessibility News
E-mail enable (at) un (dot) org for PDF version With 3 steps one can put voice commands to their Windows app powered by Cortana Why you need to know about Blindness? Strategy versus Design Thinking An introduction to Android Accessibility Access to knowledge for the visually impaired in India New Expanded Image Description Guidelines [Word Document, Size: Unknown] Accessibility Summit will be on September 8-9, 2015 How Google Designs for users with blindness? Able Player - an accessible media player Upgrading a Computer with Window-Eyes to Windows - 10 [Video][embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lYWgc1gYgA&feature=youtu.be[/embed] Developers, please don't detect my screen reader by MaxAbility 9 Successful people with down syndrome New resource: Accessibility in games
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31st July, 2015 – Weekly Accessibility round-up

Accessibility News, Web Accessibility
Windows 10 Settings menu - Ease of Access 10 simple Rules to make my website accessible by Helen Zubkow (slides) Should NVDA Screen reader users upgrade to Windows 10? - An official statement from NV Access Everything you need to know about Netflix right now (includes something about accessibility) Call for first Accessibility camp in New York (Google form) Korean company is developing Dot Braille smart watch - very interesting What's coming in iOS 9: A glimpse of Accessibility 25 ways to make your website accessible When will keyboard work on web? by Chaals Accessible HTML 5 media players by WebAxe Understanding Screen reader interaction modes 7 ways form accessibility can boost convertion (You may need to dismiss a dialog) Android Tip: Don't use contentDiscription or hints on forms but…
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