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  • Developing Accessible Applications – Windows Developer
  • Accessibility of Android
  • Touch/pointer events test results by Patrick H Lauke
  • Know the status of Accessibility of HTML5
  • eBay MIND Patterns Accessibility Patterns for Web
  • Code Examples and other resources [External link]” from Deque University
  • Form Concepts [External link] – Tutorial from W3C Web Accessibility Initiative group
  • Creating Accessible Forms [External link] – Article by WebAIM
  • Form elements and Accessibility [External Link] a detailed blog post by Rakesh Paladugula
  • Google’s Accessibility Design Guidelines [External link]
  • Web Accessibility Prospective by W3C
  • Paul Adam’s demos
  • Top 100 Best blogs for iOS Developers by SoftwareHow
  • High Charts Accessibility Demos