Welcome to ServeOM Inclusion!

ServeOM Inclusion aims to be help community to build inclusive web and mobile experiences. There are at least about 700 million people with disabilities across the globe and all of them would love to enjoy the power of internet like anyone else!

Today Internet is not a luxury but an essential part of daily life. Internet helps us to in almost every aspect of our life, may it be for education, banking, shopping, research, entertainment, playing, communication and more. Internet today does not limit to the desktop but also been used on mobile and tablet devices. That brings flexibility to the users.

So let’s make our web and mobile experiences usable and accessible to all including people with disabilities, elderly and mobile users!

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Client Speaks

Srnivasu has been my go-to-person for digital accessibility. He is great to work with. He is not only an expert in the subject but is also very open to sharing knowledge with others. He is one of the very few people in the country who is promoting digital accessibility. I wish him a great success.

-Rama Chari, Founder Director, Diversity and Equal Opportunity Centre